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Book Template Index

Book Template Index Your book index helps your readers locate specific information within your book. This is located at the back of the book (BOB) for easy reference. A table of contents presents your book in order by headings. An index acts as a reference to look up and find where certain words or subjects […]

Book Template Glossary

Book Template Glossary A book glossary is a list of terms and definitions that frequently appears at the end or as one of the last sections in a book. The words are listed in alphabetical order with the corresponding definition following each one. Some glossaries include only a brief definition as the term applies to […]

Book Template Graphics

Book Template Graphics Graphics, illustrations, charts and graphs can all enhance your book and help convey your message. If your project is an eBook the color choices for your graphics are unlimited. If you are going to produce a hard copy or printed book, you will need to get price quotes for adding color to […]

Book Template Disclaimer

Book Template: Book Disclaimer Because of the rise in litigation in general, including a legal book disclaimer in your works has become far more common and often recommended by legal counsel. While most nonfiction books can use a disclaimer, books that offer any type of advice or instructions, address financial, investment, health, diet or psychological […]

Book Template for Non Fiction Works

Book Template for Non Fiction Works A professional book template is a godsend for writers and critical for nonfiction projects. Why? A nonfiction book is different than other genres. Planning any literary project can be a daunting task. As with most endeavors, the majority of authors fail to produce quality books and have minimal success. […]

Book Template for eBooks

Book Template for eBooks eBooks have come into their own and are popular with many readers. Creating an eBook that provides information about your product, services, or knowledge can be a source of revenue and promote your business. Fiction is also popular such as a novel, collection of short stories, mystery and so on. Selling […]

Book Template: Bibliography

Book Template: Bibliography When you quote or base ideas on someone’s work, the source or the person’s work must be credited or cited. When reading another source helped your concepts you must cite the source even if you are not directly quoting the work anywhere. Then if your readers desire they can explore your sources. […]

Book Acknowledgement

Book Acknowledgement First, let’s address how to spell book acknowledgment.  There are two accepted spellings. Either with or without the  third “e” is correct. acknowledgement acknowledgment Though not required, as you might know a book acknowledgement is the page designated for thanking the individuals and organizations that helped you get your book written and published. […]

Book Writing

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