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Why Do You Need a Book Website?

Book Website

Book Template Marketing: Blogs

Book Template Marketing: Blogs Introduction to Marketing Your Book with Blogs and Web 2.0 When you have used a great book template to produce your new book, have a website ready for buyers to purchase your book or as a free give away for promotion, the next step will marketing the site and or book […]

Affiliate Products

How to sell affiliate products in your eBook. This section is being reworked and will be online again soon. Thank you for your patience.

How to Market eBooks

How to Market eBooks We are reworking this section of our website and will have this online again soon. eBook Marketing

Book Testimonials

How to Get Book Testimonials How to get book testimonials from celebrities, prestigious people and others. How Important are Book Testimonials or Book Endorsements? Businesses and advertising agencies know the Holy Grail of marketing, the most valuable means of relaying a message that touts a product or service is ‘word of mouth.’ Companies and entrepreneurs […]

eBook Security

eBook Security Anyone who has delved into eBook security knows how complicated this subject is. After a few hours of searching even the experienced web marketer can be cast into a state of blog fog. Let’s keep this as simple as possible! Besides providing information of value, there are two main purposes for most eBooks. […]