Premium Book Templates

Now you can instantly produce professional eBooks in minutes with Premium book templates. You’ll save tons of time and can choose from designer graphics included with Tom’s Book templates.

Tom’s book templates are perfect for the professional book publisher, self publisher, or beginner. They can be easily converted to other file types such as PDF files for marketing.

Every template is customizable and you can edit any part and add or delete pages and sections. you can create and add your own graphics or choose from our designer graphics.

You can create any type of book with these MSWord formatted templates including eBooks, books to be printed, how to, biographies, novels, sales, academic, and more.

These are not just templates. They are instructional templates that include layout, formatting, instructions and tips for creating attractive appealing books every time. You will find out where to place and how to create title pages, copyright pages, an epigraph, foreword, dedication, acknowledgments, disclaimer, appendix, bibliography, and many more.

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