Book Template Marketing: Blogs

Introduction to Marketing Your Book with Blogs and Web 2.0

When you have used a great book template to produce your new book, have a website ready for buyers to purchase your book or as a free give away for promotion, the next step will marketing the site and or book to bring traffic.

Invasion of the blogs! Blogs are a great way to get the word out about your new book and build back links to your website or page at the same time. Many blogs allow posting of articles and comments, pictures, images, YouTube videos, and hyperlinks. There is a variety of types of blogs and some are better than others. There are personal, corporate, topical, news and genre-specific blogs.

Blogging is also an effective tool for building relevant back links to your website and generating traffic. Contextual back links are presently valued by search engines. These are links within the text of an article that are usually relevant to the subject matter of the article and keyword specific to the site destination of the links.

Types of Blogs

News Blogs
These blogs present news often based on topic, geographical area, industry, or other specific interest.

Gossip Blogs
Similar to news blogs, you will frequently find entire blogs dedicated to a particular star, show, movie, or specific facet of celebrities or entertainment.

Personal Blogs:
These blogs are fundamentally diaries created by people and posts might include social networking links, daily activities, opinions, or whatever the owner wishes to communicate. The popularity of these blogs is measured by the content and who might be interested. Some personal blogs have few visitors while others boast a large following.

Corporate Blogs:
Blogs can be utilized internally by a corporation. The employees typically post about a variety of topics relevant to the company, services, products, and industry. Corporate blogs are generally more popular than personal blogs and can be exclusive to employees or publicly accessible.

Topical Blogs:
Blogs are sometimes desiccated to a subject such as sports, a particular sport or team, politics, travel, fashion, publishing, book templates and so on. Popularity is often dependent on the subject matter and promotion and upkeep of the blogs. Many niche blogs are great places to post or advertise when they are relevant to your book.

Hosting Blogs

There are many opportunities for free advertising with blogs. and Blogger are examples of free blog sites where you can start a hosted blog.
WordPress provides free blog posting with many templates for design. There is a large amount of storage space is accessible so you can post images and video as well. Google indexes these blogs frequently which means when key words in your blog match the those of searchers your blog will display in Google search results.

Comparable to WordPress, Blogger offers free templates which enable you to upload content and images. Just create a username and choose a template. While there are rules concerning advertising in these blogs, you can build valuable contextual back links.

Though many free blog sites ban advertising, Squarespace allows ads. There are a variety of templates available for effectual advertising. You can upload images, video, and text. Squarespace is not free but the blogs are consistently indexed in Google quicker and with debated more value than the free sites.

Web 2.O

Blogs, social sites, and wikis are Web 2.0. Posting articles to Web 2.0 sites is a great way to build quality back links to your website. Article marketing is an extensive subject in itself. See  more about web 2.0  at TechSoup

Here are some Web 2.0 sites where you can post articles.



Product Review Blogs
There are blogs that review products. They are often dedicated to a particular type of product. Some will are really only promoting products and contain affiliate links.

Posting product or book testimonials on blogs can get the blog flagged and eliminated. If the testimonials are pitched in such a way to be informational, you can steer clear of being eliminated. You can also leave comments that promote your book when done properly. For example, locate blogs where people are seeking help with a relevant problem that your book can solve.

Opinions and Commentaries
You can search niche subjects and make comments, voice opinions, and answer questions on other blogs and offer your book site or blog as a solution.

Google searches blogs to determine what keywords to use for indexing. The keywords establish how and where the blog will appear in search results. You can control the keywords in a blog by tagging and choosing hyperlink text. Usually you can tag words in the text of a blog, and titles for videos and pictures. This will help your blog rank on Google and frequently increase traffic to your blog. Subsequently when your blog links your site, more people are likely to visit your website.

Social Bookmarking
Websites like StumbleUpon, Digg, and, compile and bookmark your favorite websites. The websites are compiled for your use and can be shared with others. You can open discussions, leave comments, and share the sites. You can direct traffic to your website and blog by posting the URL to them on these bookmarking sites. Popular bookmarking sites:

Digg: Digg is user powered content submitted by and voted on by the digg community.

Blinklist: Rate sites and bookmark them. This site helps you manage your bookmarks.

Reddit: You can submit and vote for sites on Reddit.

StumbleUpon: You can rate sites with StumbleUpon to shape collaborative opinions on websites.

Blinklist: Share interests with others and bookmark and rate sites.

Techcrunch: TechCrunch is a blog about Web 2.0

Another way to increase your blog’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and gain authority on a subject is to establish a link notification system to other reliable blogs. Inject the URL of a credible blog in the text of your blog. Then list this link as a trackback to your blog. The other blog site will be sent a request for a trackback. If the other blog’s owner accepts, a trackback to your blog will appear in the text of that blog.

No matter how you market start and build your project with the best book template.