Book Template Graphics

Graphics, illustrations, charts and graphs can all enhance your book and help convey your message. If your project is an eBook the color choices for your graphics are unlimited. If you are going to produce a hard copy or printed book, you will need to get price quotes for adding color to your printing. Either way a professional book template will allow for a variety of graphic inclusions and creations.

Your cover graphic should be taken seriously as this has a big impact on sales appeal. Cover graphics involve the psychology of sale. Your book or eBook cover should be clean and highly professional. People make quick buying decisions based on images. If you are not sure what appeals to your audience then research other books in your market. Review their graphic design and color choices. A great book template will include a front cover page ready for your graphic.

Graphics, charts, photographs, and other illustrations can all add dramatic impact to your presentation. You can hire graphics designers that can create dynamic illustrations. You can also insert any images you want in your book template. Text can be formatted fit around images, appear above and below, or even with an image in the background. You can the ‘watermark’ feature in Word to make an image appear in the background of every page in your book or a specific section. If you do this use a faint image so that text is not difficult to read.

Word includes ‘Smart Art’ options that can help you create specific charts and graphs. You can manipulate the position and size of your graphics and illustrations. SmartArt graphics are visual interpretations of information. There is a variety of designs and layouts to choose from. Decide what the purpose of your information is and what conclusion you want your reader to draw from the graphic. You can demonstrate lists, processes, hierarchies, a matrix or pyramid and relationships between amounts or data. Changing layouts, colors, and sizes is easy so you can experiment with what works best for your data and message.

Tables are another effective way to communicate with your readers. You can also insert a predesigned table into word and type in data or import data from Excel. Most any table can be inserted into a book template. You can choose the number of columns and rows and adjust the sizes, merge and split cells. Many writers only use tables to express quantities. Tables do not have to be limited to quantities or amounts. They are a great way to organize and present information.

The web has a wealth of resources as close as your fingertips. There is clip art, stock photo libraries, royalty-free collections, and more. There is an abundance of graphic software that can produce amazing graphics for a small investment. The cost of many royalty free images is relatively inexpensive. Stock photos for example can be purchased for a few dollars or even a few cents. Word allows you to place borders around images, cast shadows, change shapes and add three dimensional effects.

When requesting a quote for your project from a ghostwriter inquire about their graphic services if they have any. Estimate the number of graphics you need, if they need to be original or stock. Original graphics that need to be created are far more costly than stock images. Get a price per graphic so you know what each one will cost. You can insert the graphics most anywhere within your book template as you see fit.