Book Template for Non Fiction Works

A professional book template is a godsend for writers and critical for nonfiction projects. Why? A nonfiction book is different than other genres.

Planning any literary project can be a daunting task. As with most endeavors, the majority of authors fail to produce quality books and have minimal success. A nonfiction book is not as simple as starting with the first chapter and ending with a conclusion. There are many more requirements that must be included to present a complete, professional manuscript.

Building all these functioning sections from scratch is extremely tedious, requires a learning curve, can consume massive amounts of time and still result in a mess. Many authors get so frustrated with their project they quit before they really get started.

There are so many choices and so much to manage when creating a book. The project is even more complex if you are working in the nonfiction genre. This includes biographies, how to manuals, technical guides, historical accounts, academic books and more.

The reasons that make nonfiction projects more involved include how information must be presented, the fact checking for accuracy required, the research and source documentation, the format for proper citing of works, and the additional sections such as an appendix or bibliography. Readers of nonfiction expect the truth and want to see information properly organized. This is one of the areas where a book template can help you avoid the mess and frustration most authors have in this arena.

Whether your project will be produced as a printed version, eBook, or both, organizing your information for accuracy and reading flow is imperative. A book template will help you track and format your documentation, and arrange text in the expected industry standards. For instance, a book template with a biography section with examples will show you exactly how to identify your sources and cite quotations. While research can be time consuming, assembling all the information in logical sequence can be an overwhelming task. A bibliography and an interactive table of contents in a book template will help you maintain organization.

A well constructed book template can save you hours, days and even weeks of time and delays in formatting your project. Few people have the professional experience required to format a nonfiction book correctly. One small mistake in the beginning can cause hours of editing and reformatting later. The best book template will have headings, subheadings, footers, headers, margins and other layout details all prepared for you. The formatting decisions are critical because this affects the appearance and functionality of your book.

A great book template will have the exact font, spacing, and headings for a professional look and the right quality for your book so you can focus on writing. Whether you will be creating a PDF file, Word document, or other format for your final copy, beginning with the right layout is the only way to get the right result. Your project will need a table of contents, copyright page, foreword or preface, index, page numbers, title page and much more. A professional book template will include the necessary reference sections for an index, glossary, works cited page, and quotations index and so on.