Book Template: Book Disclaimer

Because of the rise in litigation in general, including a legal book disclaimer in your works has become far more common and often recommended by legal counsel. While most nonfiction books can use a disclaimer, books that offer any type of advice or instructions, address financial, investment, health, diet or psychological issues can help protect the author and or publisher. Look for a common disclaimer example in a book template.

In addition, a book disclaimer can serve to protect the author and publisher against liability resulting from any invasion of privacy or defamation claim. You can include language for protection against any interpretation of the books text that was not intended, any typo or error in the book, and the validity of any information that might be dated or cited form another source.

A good book template will include generic language that should be included in a legal disclaimer. You can also search books in your genre and review any disclaimers they contain. Look for books published by a well know publisher and a recent edition. You can also hire an attorney to write a disclaimer for you or review one you have selected. Some specific business, professions, and industries will require certain verbiage and disclaimers. For example in the investment and real estate areas disclaimers might be needed as are required in marketing materials to avoid issues and stay in compliance with the federal and state SEC.

A legal book disclaimer is usually only a few paragraphs and located near the front of the book. Some experts advise including an offer of money back for any buyer who does not agree to be bound by your disclaimer. Disclaimers do not necessarily provide protection against claims though adding a disclaimer cannot hurt. The following is provided as a sample only and you should consult with an attorney for your specific disclaimer needs or if you have questions regarding a disclaimer. There have been rulings that state an alternative or option must be provided for buyers if they refuse to abide by a disclaimer.

You can also include a line with your contact information that would enable readers to reach you should they feel any content that is harmful, malicious, or insensitive to any individual or group. Feedback is power so you want to know what your readers think whenever you can. You might also like to include a legal statement that states the disclaimer is only applicable to the laws and or regulations based on geography such as the country you are located.

Sample Disclaimer
This book is designed to provide information on ___________ only. This information is provided and sold with the knowledge that the publisher and author do not offer any legal or other professional advice. In the case of a need for any such expertise consult with the appropriate professional. This book does not contain all information available on the subject. This book has not been created to be specific to any individual’s or organizations’ situation or needs. Every effort has been made to make this book as accurate as possible. However, there may be typographical and or content errors. Therefore, this book should serve only as a general guide and not as the ultimate source of subject information. This book contains information that might be dated and is intended only to educate and entertain. The author and publisher shall have no liability or responsibility to any person or entity regarding any loss or damage incurred, or alleged to have incurred, directly or indirectly, by the information contained in this book. You hereby agree to be bound by this disclaimer or you may return this book within the guarantee time period for a full refund.

Affiliate Disclosure
Not to be confused with a disclaimer, and affiliate disclosure is about including any affiliate links to products or services in your book. The Federal Trade Commission has instituted guidelines concerning the disclosure using of affiliate links. While most of the law applies to websites and still being debated, there is an FTC document with current rulings.

The safest route is to include an affiliate disclosure in your book that lets readers know when you make product or service recommendations using affiliate links. In addition, if you endorse any product be certain you purchased and used the product before you speak about your experience.

If you are including links or websites in your book you can sate that these are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute endorsement of any products or services provided by these websites and that the links are subject to change, expire, or be redirected without any notice.

Sample Affiliate Disclosure Statement
In the interest of full disclosure, this book contains affiliate links that might pay the author or publisher a commission upon any purchase from the company. While the author and publisher take no responsibility for the business practices of these companies and or the performance of any product or service, the author or publisher has used the product or service and makes a recommendation in good faith based on that experience.