Book Acknowledgement

First, let’s address how to spell book acknowledgment.  There are two accepted spellings. Either with or without the  third “e” is correct.

  1. acknowledgement
  2. acknowledgment

Though not required, as you might know a book acknowledgement is the page designated for thanking the individuals and organizations that helped you get your book written and published.

While similar, a book acknowledgment differs from a dedication. A dedication can be where you offer praise to associates, family, or friends for inspiration and support  in creating your book. You can also dedicate your book to your readers, a family member or any individual or organization. A dedication can be one sentence or even a few pages that describe a story of the inspiration for your project. A book acknowledgment is more commonly a list.

Where to Place Your Book Acknowledgement Page

Usually book acknowledgements are located in the front of a book after pages such as the title page, copyright page, any disclaimer page, the dedication page, and after the foreword. Before the introduction and content of the book, and sometimes before or after the table of contents is where the book acknowledgment is included. See book templates with acknowledgement pages included.

How to Write a Book Acknowledgement

You can include people who provided funding, investments, graphics, special information, specific illustrations, editors, people or groups who provided research materials, people who are mentioned in the book, and anyone else you want to include who contributed to your getting the book completed and published.

Step 1: Make a list of each person who in any way inspired you, contributed to your knowledge, influenced you, or helped you in the creation of your book. You can simply list the name of each person or organization you are acknowledging or include a description of their contribution. If others were involved in your project ask them if there is anyone missing from your list. Note: If you are using a publisher find out if they have any specific requirements for inclusions in your recognition list (some do.)

Step 2: Review and condense your list. The majority of book acknowledgments are one paragraph to one page long.

Step 3: See the book acknowledgement examples below and those in similar books.  You can list everyone after one sentence of thanks. You can also write a special thank you specifically for any individual or organization including their name.

Step 4: Have peers or associates review your page and get their input.

Step 5: Proof read your acknowledgment.

When you include someone in a book acknowledgment you are thanking the person in print publicly. There is great power in acknowledging others for their efforts and contributions. In addition to showing your appreciation, acknowledgments are a terrific opportunity for marketing your book. Send each person or organization on your list a thank you note and a copy of your book letting them know their name is under the acknowledgments. They will spread the word about your book.

Sample book acknowledgment formats:


I wish to personally thank the following people for their contributions to my inspiration and knowledge and other help in creating this book:


Thank you to the following individuals who without their contributions and support this book would not have been written:


We hereby acknowledge the following people and organizations for their contributions to this book:

Read the book acknowledgments of your favorite authors for more examples. See great book templates that include acknowledgment pages.


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